Download our free Vacation Packing Scavenger Hunt

Download our free Vacation Packing Scavenger Hunt

Turn Vacation Packing into a Scavenger Hunt!

Packing for vacation can often be best described as a whirlwind—especially if you’re packing for the entire family. We’ve created a scavenger checklist to make packing with your child interactive and fun!


Good Habits Start Early



We know that practicing good sun safety habits and wearing sunscreen is a great way to protect ourselves and our families. But do you know just how important it is to start these healthy habits early? The American Academy of Dermatology says, “it only takes one blistering sunburn during childhood or adolescence to nearly double a person’s chance of developing melanoma”. Not only that, but a painful sunburn can last for several days and turn a happy vacation into a miserable one.

By teaching your child to pack sun safety items in their travel bag, you’re instilling good habits that will help protect them for years to come.


Stress Less Pre-Vacation: Make Packing Fun!

There are so many things to do before vacation, and packing can be one of the more daunting tasks. And getting kids involved may seem impossible and frustrating. But what if packing was a game instead of a chore?

Download our vacation packing scavenger hunt and pack in some laughs and smiles. 

Download | Vacation Packing Scavenger Hunt