Why Sunscreen is a Smart End-of-the-Year Purchase

Why Sunscreen is a Smart End-of-the-Year Purchase
With winter in full swing and your mind on the holidays, sunscreen may be the last thing you are thinking about buying right now. But did you know that you can purchase sunscreen with your Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? This is why stocking up on sunscreen now is a smart decision.

Use it or lose it

Make sure those pretax contributions aren’t lost. Most FSA accounts require you to use your pretax funds before the end of the year or lose that money, although some plans have modified those rules. Some employers can offer employees a carryover of up to $500 of unused balances at the end of the plan year, or give them a two-and-a-half-month grace period in the next year to spend that money. Check with your provider or your company’s Human Resources department to see if your plan is among those offering this option.

Sun smart and wallet smart

If you do have to spend down your FSA account by Dec. 31, or forfeit the funds, you may be scrambling to figure out how to spend the money. There are several OTC products that you can purchase and get reimbursed by FSA and sunscreen is one of them. In order to be reimbursed by your FSA, sunscreen must be at least SPF 30 and broad-spectrum -- Blue Lizard meets both of those criteria. Be sure you know the guidelines required by your particular FSA plan in order to get reimbursed such as copies of all receipts and submitting forms.

Buy now, use later

Stock up on Blue Lizard now and have it ready to go for those upcoming ski trips or spring break getaways. Don’t forget you need sunscreen even during these cold winter months if you’ll be spending any time outdoors.  And remember, Blue Lizard products make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers!