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Our Roots

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen was born in the harsh climate of Australia, where extreme UV rays make strong sun protection a must. Blue Lizard Sunscreen withstood the elements and earned the trust of countless dermatologists before making its way to the USA.

For years, our sunscreens were available almost exclusively through dermatologists’ offices. Now, we’re proud to bring our dermatologist-recommended sunscreens to families across the nation.




We are passionate about shielding you from the sun’s harmful rays with mineral and mineral-based products that are fun, easy-to-use and that offer real protection. You deserve a gentle, more natural sunscreen, free from harmful chemicals. For over 20 years, Blue Lizard has created mineral and mineral-based sunscreens with this in mind.

Every Blue Lizard Sunscreen begins with the mineral Zinc Oxide, which provides natural true broad spectrum sun protection. Zinc Oxide protects you by forming a protective layer on top of your skin and scattering UV rays away from your body. It provides natural sun protection that’s gentle enough for every member of your family.



In 2018, we were excited to see Hawaii step forward to encourage reef-safe sunscreens. Our “We Love the Reef” line is designed to protect your skin without using Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, two chemical sunscreen ingredients which may harm coral reefs.



Our team loves the outdoors. We’re hikers, runners, cyclists and parents who cheer too loudly during soccer matches. Our company softball team is as serious about the game as they are about sun safety.

We’re not afraid to have fun and we never want irritating chemicals or a sunburn to ruin a good time. That’s why we’re committed to developing the best mineral and mineral-based sunscreens for you and your family.